5 Millennial Consumer Trends That Brands Should Pay Attention To


5 Millennial Trends of 2020

A Focus On Sustainability

The first millennial trend that brands need to understand is that this is a generation dedicated to sustainability.

  • Developing an ethical production line
  • Sourcing from local businesses and artisans
  • Being a business that is built at home, rather than a mass product built abroad
  • Including leftover fabrics to reduce fashion waste
  • Production practices that limit a carbon footprint

Gender Neutral Products

The second millennial trend of 2020 is their purchasing and support of gender neutral products.

Mental Health & Self Care

The third millennial trend for brands to know is that this audience is in tune with their mental health and self care.

Behind the Food

The fourth millennial trend is their interest in knowing the story behind their food.

Subscription Services

The fifth millennial trend is the use of subscription services for anything and everything.

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